[chirp_users] Fwd: Baofeng UV-B6 not supported?

Ernst Niebur ernst.niebur at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 11:18:00 PST 2019


I just subscribed to this list. Could not find an answer to my question in
the FAQ section, so I hope it is OK to ask here.

I am using chirpw on an Ubuntu system. It is the newest version, CHIRP
daily-20190201. I have been using it for a while for two different Baofeng
UV-5Rs and it works fine.

I then ordered a Baofeng UV-B6 which arrived last week. Before ordering it,
I made sure it is in the list of supported models. So I tried first to
download whatever is stored on the radio and I planned to then modify that
(this is what I did with the UV-5Rs). However, I found that the UV-B6 is
not in the drop-down list of models I can choose. The UV-B5 is listed but
when I tried this setting it did not work.


Thank you!
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