[chirp_users] Port selection on laptop

Jim Unroe
Sun Dec 29 04:39:57 PST 2019

On Sun, Dec 29, 2019 at 5:17 AM Bennie Potgieter
<potgieterbarends4 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Goodday
> Im new to this,bought 4 Aofeng radios and not all of them are on the same chanels,downloaded the Cherp software but I seem to strugle to select the usb port on my laptop,can someone maybe help me with that?
> Thank you

Hi Bennie,

You won't be selecting a USB port. The programming cable has a chip
inside, that when used with a compatible device driver, creates a
virtual serial port which is required for CHIRP (or any programming
software) to communicate with the radio.

Usually when the programming cable does not automatically show up in
Device Manager under Ports (COM & LPT), it is because the chip in the
cable is an unauthorized copy of a Prolific and the device driver
automatically install by Windows is incompatible. When this is the
case you must download, install and select an older, but compatible,
device driver for it to work properly. Instructions for determining
this and how to install and select the older device driver can be
found here: http://www.miklor.com/COM/UV_Drivers.php


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