[chirp_users] Chirp under Linux

Thu Dec 26 15:32:06 PST 2019

On 27/12/19 6:50 am, Terry Kennedy wrote:

Hello Terry, I've said many times that I'm confident that the problem is 
with the radio.

> What do you get if you power the radio on while holding the "3"
> button down? Likewise for "5" and "6"?

3 - ver T60V02

5 - nothing

6 - 190314M

# - cycles between L, nothing, L nothing

> Those should reveal what the
> radio firmware actually is. A lot of these "HP" UV-82's are running
> hacked UV-5R firmware which lets the user select a bogus "high" pow-
> er setting. The "#" key on a real UV-82HP should cycle between H, M,
> and L on the LCD when you're in channel mode, not just H and L (or
> nothing at all) on the fakes.

Does this sound like a fake?



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