[chirp_users] Field names across different radios.

Dennis Wage
Tue Dec 10 18:22:05 PST 2019

Across all the different radios that Chirp supports, are the field option
names consistent?

To explain what I am asking:
For example the tone column in chirp. If the radio manufacturer A's
software uses "T SQL" and manufacturer B's software uses "TOME SQL" does
chirp default all radios to TSQL? And this goes for all the columns.
Another example would be the skip column does chirp always do S and "blank"
even if the radio has yes and no or whatever?

The reason I am asking is that I like to keep my radios consistent with one
another, and I like to copy and paste from one radio to another's CSV file.
If they are all different naming conventions I have a lot of "find a
replace" to do.

In the future I'd like to use chirp for frequency channels on all my
radios, and the manufacturers software for menu items.

I hope I am clear on this and it explained it plainly enough.


Dennis M. Wage (W9BOQ)

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