[chirp_users] Recovery

Jim Unroe
Wed Aug 21 08:17:21 PDT 2019

> Greetings,
> I went to the KC9HI CHIRP Recovery site to download the firmware fix for my Baofeng UV-5R+, but can’t find it in the listing. Firmware Message 1 is HN5RV01 and Firmware Message 2 is 1FB297. I am trying to recover from using a file from an older UV-5R.
> Regards
> 73
> Dennis

Hi Dennis,

These files are not firmware fixed. The firmware in these radios
cannot be changed or updated.

Most of the CHIRP images that are available there are factory images
that the radio owners downloaded while there radios was still in its
factory delivered state and donated. They are listed by firmware
version that was in the radio they were downloaded form because the
memory layouts can vary and it is not a good idea to swap memory
images between radios having different firmware versions. The firmware
version was a good way to have CHIRP identify which radio model was
being programmed and adjust itself to "match" the radio.

Unfortunately the HN5RV01 firmware has been showing up in many various
models. In addition to that, not of the images that I have seen that
were downloaded from radios having HN5RV01 always seem to have some
sort of visible corruption. So I decided not to share any of them
publicly. Those that I have shared on a one-to-one basis have not been
successful in "fixing" the issue that the radio owner was having.

The driver for these radios has changed over the years. It has
eventually been learned which areas of memory can be affected by
uploading a "foreign" image and these areas of memory are now
intentionally skipped during the upload process. It is no longer
possible change these areas of memory so it is not possible to break
or fix these areas of memory either.


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