[chirp_users] UV-5RIII Programming issue

Sat Aug 17 17:07:45 PDT 2019

New to this list and having a problem programming my UV-5RIII - Tri-band
BaoFeng, 2m/1.25cm/70cm.


I downloaded the latest version of Chirp and did a download from the radio
for a template.  When entering a 1.25cm frequency I receive a pop-up.
(Error setting memory:  Frequency 224.820000 is out  of supported range,  Tx
freq 223.220000 is out of supported range.)



The radio had a few 220MHz frequencies preprogrammed  in memory.  Chirp will
not let me change one of them to my desired frequencies.  When using a new,
default template I receive the same error. 


I've tried importing the desired frequencies from a .csv file to an .img
file and get the same error.


It's possible Chirp is not recognizing the radio.  The UV-5RIII is not
listed as a UV5R variant.  Although, the Chirp software settings downloaded
from the radio indicate the "VHF Lower limit: 136Mhz" and the "VHF Upper
limit: 260MHz"


Never had an issue with other UV-5R or the UV-82X


Any help is appreciated.



73 NT4K JC

Pluto 1930 - 2006.  Orbit in Peace,


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