[chirp_users] lock up BaoFeng UV5REX

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This may be the same for your radio.
I'll include the source after.
To perform a FULL Reset
1.Turn on the radio and press the MENU button.
2.Press the UP and DOWN arrow key to select RESET (Menu Item 40).
3.Press MENU to choose RESET.
4.Press the DOWN arrow key to choose ALL.
5.Press MENU. The radio will display SOURCE?
6.Press MENU to confirm. The radio will display WAIT... for a few seconds, then beep twice to confirm reset is complete.
7.The radio will revert to Chinese language mode. Reset is complete. 


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Subject: [chirp_users] lock up BaoFeng UV5REX

While programming radio all went well with download of factory setting but radio locked up after upload of local settings.
radio lightes up fine with 787.314 upper & 109.747 lower reading. No buttons work except flashlight, volume/on/off & call brings up 65.000 FM??
pulled battery for a few days, nada! 

Is there a master reset?

What to do?
Apprecite some help.


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