[chirp_users] can't figure out how to convert a csv file to animage file

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You may indeed import a CSV file, and probably especially if it is from one model to a different model, you would only want to do the CSV file.
The other file, AFAIK, has settings that may not pertain to a different radio, and the CSV is just the channel memories.

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Hey gang,

I'll be the first one to admit it, I'm not a computer guru. I know how to navigate around  here and there but, when it comes to technical stuff, I get lost pretty easy. I'm new to this site and I'm  new to Chirp in general. I've asked a question or two so far on here and have been graciously answered. Well, I'm still trying to learn.  I have a Yeasu VX-170 and a new Baofeng UV-5R 8 watt unit. I've managed to load a few frequencies onto the Baofeng and it's all good. But,  a buddy just bought the same exact radio as mine and, I wanted to program his to the same frequencies, minus a few that wouldn't apply to him anyways.  But, here's the deal. All of files I've saved are csv files. From my brief learning period, csv files CANNOT be uploaded to a radio, only IMG files can. Here's the problem. If I want to upload frequencies, they must be from an image file and, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to convert a csv file to  an image file. I'm on about a 6 year old Dell Inspiron running Windows 8.1 on a solid state hard drive. I know, I know, Windows 8.1 is sort of old school but, the reason I have and use it is because, when I had the new SSHD installed, it was at a time when Windows 10 was brand new and many, many folks were not happy with it so, the company that was doing my computer rebuild asked me if I wanted to remain with Windows 8.1.  I said, yep, keep it. So, that's the story  on that. 


Now, how to convert a csv file to an image file so I can alter it and, then upload it to a radio. And please, please, I'm very low tech so, if you explain how to do it, do it as if you're talking to a senior citizen which, I am. 



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