[chirp_users] REPORT: Direct connect from Pi to Yaesu FT-4 succeeds

Dan Clemmensen danclemmensen at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 19:55:09 PDT 2019

The FT-4 also uses a 3.3v serial connection for programming, but it's
2-wire, meaning the Tx and Rx are both on the same wire, named DATA. I use
the NanoPi Duo's serial port pins (Tx and Rx) and GND.

The FT-4 presents GND on the 2.5mm MIC sleeve, and DATA on the 2.5mm MIC
ring. I connected GND directly to Pi GND,Data directly to Pi RxD, and Pi
via a 2K resistor to DATA.   CHIRP successfully downloaded and uploaded.

So, we have two worked examples of modern HTs directly connecting to the
3.3V serial ports of modern tiny SBCs.
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