[chirp_users] FT70 fails to download

Dan Clemmensen danclemmensen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 08:41:09 PDT 2019

After sleeping on it, I'm almost certain that we made some mistaken
assumptions. I think the micro-USB "data" port on the DFT-70 is really an
OTG port, not an embedded pl2303 chip. This explains why your Linux box
calls it /dev/ttyACM0 and instead of /dev/ttyUSB0. If this is the case, the
pl2303 module is not needed at all, and it had probably been loaded when
you had some other cable plugged in. To support USB OTG, your Linux box
loads one of several modules whose name starts with g_  (g_serial, g_cdc,
g_multi). I think the choice depends on the capabilities that the OTG
device advertizes, or possibly one or more modules whose names start with
cdc_  (cdc_ether, cdc_subset, cdc_eem).

you can test this theory by first removing the pl2303 module:
   sudo modprobe -r pl2303
and then plugging your FT-70 back in. If my theory is correct, /dev/ttyACM0
will come back into existence, but pl2303 will not reload.

On Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 11:06 PM Dennis Carr <dennisthetiger at chez-vrolet.net>

> On Wed, 3 Apr 2019 22:36:26 -0700
> Dan Clemmensen <danclemmensen at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Sorry, I made a few mistakes, apparently. You will need to get an
> > answer from someone who has an FT-70.
> No, you're fine, you're on the right track - but you're probably not
> wrong about anyone else who's had the experience.
> Of note, having issues with virtualbox seeing my USB devices.  I'm just
> gonna have to do this on my Windows box at work, methinks.
> -Dennis
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