[chirp_users] New to CHIRP and issue with Baofeng

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Hi Berrie,
For my Baofeng, I select USB port, at the bottom of the list, and that works for me.
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I am new to CHIRP, and a fairly new HAM as well.
I have CHIRP installed, and try to connect to my BAOFENG UV-82.
CHIRP will not let me select a COM port. I am using the cable that BAOFENG sells.
The cable came with a disk, but it is in Chinese, and when I try to change the setting to English, it says it cannot write to the disk. Starting the BAOFENG software (BF480), it is all in Chinese and with question marks as I don't have Chinese fonts.

It probably is a driver issue, but I don't know where to get the right driver.
Any help greatly appreciated!


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