[chirp_users] Zastone D9000 programing

Tony Hunt wavetel at internode.on.net
Thu Sep 20 07:01:48 PDT 2018

Howdy.  Ive just joined this list but have been using Chirp for around 4
years with various radios.  How can I get things moving along with the
Zastone D9000 radio ?
The manufacturer is not very forthcomming with help. I have the Ver
software from them but its really frustrating to use and I have now found a
painful bug in the software regards reading and programing the receive only
memories. No response from them on that problem either.
So it would be great to get this one going with Chirp. I have seen requests
off the list about this model previously on chirp some years ago but it may
have fallen by the wayside.
Tell me what help I can provide to get this moving with Chirp. I am all ears
.  Thanks in advance Tony
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