[chirp_users] cloning cable wiring diagram

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 02:12:06 PDT 2018

> I do think these cables could be still useful for setting up two devices
> in repeater mode.  Or just cutting in half to use for other projects as
> Bill suggested.

You have to remember that these cables only have the 3 wires necessary
for cloning (data in, data out an ground). They do not have wires for
speaker audio or microphone audio. Their use would be pretty much
limited to making programming cables with USB-to-TTL modules or
similar purposes.


When I cut my cloning cable into 2 pieces to make programming cables
(that's what I bought it for), I found the wire gage was too small and
fragile for me to work with.


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