[chirp_users] Can't program Kenwood TM-G707 using CHIRP and FTDI cable from valley-ent.com

Dwayne Elliott ke6pls2 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 08:53:54 PDT 2018

Perhaps your computer is not configured for that port use or you have a bad
USB port# Gotta love Windows

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> *Problem: I can't program Kenwood TM-G707 using CHIRP and the FTDI cable
> from valley-ent.com <http://valley-ent.com>*
> When running the "Download from Radio" menu command, I am getting stopped
> by an error message in CHIRP:
> *An error has occurred*
> *could not open port COM3: [Error 5] Acccess is denied*
> I am experienced with CHIRP and the Kenwood TM-G707 is listed as a
> supported radio.  I have had success with Baofeng radios and Yaesu radios
> with both BTech and valley-ent.com FTDI cables.  Valley-ent sent me a
> replacement cable...same error message.
> I confirmed the Com port assignment in Device Mgr (Win 10 and 7).
> I have tried installing the latest drivers and have tried installing the
> old 2007 drivers.
> Have experimented w. 3 different Win 10 computers and one Windows 7
> machine.
> HELP, please and thank you.
>  - Mike Mc -
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