[chirp_users] KG-UV8D settings programming

Sat Oct 27 08:39:40 PDT 2018

I recently acquired a KG-UV8D radio.  It has v1.05 firmware.  It seems 
to read the info on the "Settings" tab OK... but changes I make there 
don't stick.  If I edit them, save the file, and then re-open the file, 
it has reverted to the previous settings.  I haven't tested all of those 
settings, but that is true specifically for the Display Message and ANI 
code in Key Settings, as well the channel in the VFO x Settings.

I have a KG-UV6D radio and I haven't run into this issue with it, so I 
presume this is specific to CHIRP's support for this particular model.  
When I first tried this, I was running the 20180614 release, but I 
installed the latest 20181018 release with same result.



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