[chirp_users] Suggestion

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Tue May 29 09:48:41 PDT 2018

On Tue, May 29, 2018 at 11:24 AM, Dennis Wage <dwage at dwage.com> wrote:
> Here is part of my CSV file for import.
> 40 CCWIV 146.82 - 0.6 TSQL 114.8 114.8 23 NN FM 5 S
> 41
> 67 67 23 NN FM 5 S
> 42 PORTA1 440.75 + 5 TSQL 107.2 107.2 23 NN FM 5 S
> When I import, I personally would rather have 41 replace what is currently
> in 41

I don't know what version of CHIRP you are using, but what you want is
exactly what happens when I tried CHIRP daily-20180331.

Here is what I did...

I loaded an image from a UV-82C.
I then exported it to a .CSV file.
I then edited memories 1 through 20 to have a different Frequency,
Tone Mode, Mode and Power settings.
I then imported the .CSV file.

The 20 edited memories were instantly changed back to their previous
values. I'm pretty sure that if I tried the latest build the result
would be the same.

> As it stands if 41 has data in it, it leaves it alone.

Not here.

> My work around is to delete every line in Chirp and then import.
> I often rearrange all 126 lines.

When I reprogram all 128 memories, I always delete them all first.
That is because if there is a memory still programmed in the tab that
is now empty in the .CSV file, that memory will be left alone. So
erasing the memories first guarantees that the memories that should be
empty are empty.

It is a simple matter to erase all 128 memories.

1 click 1 memory to highlight it
2 type Ctrl-A to highlight them all
3 tap the [Delete] key


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