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Hey Mike - AF5MS.
Many people chafe at the thought of paying a fair price for good software and a USB programming cable that works after every windows update.  And of course there are a few who can't get the software to work, there are always those....  Running ADMS-x on several radios here, helped develop the FTdx5000 version.  Virtually ALL my programming cables are from RT-Systems and I haven't had a cable fail to perform in the last 5 years through windows updates and computer upgrades.
Chirp does a few things the ADMS-x does not.  Especially for my two FT-817s.  I am fortunate to have the option of either, along with the most reliable cables ever,
Vy73 -- Mike -- KD5KC.
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I’m new to C4FM, having just gotten in on the low end with an FT-70DR.
But I was extremely pleased with how easy the ADMS-10 software was to use. I entered 50+ repeaters manually and haven’t yet tried importing / exporting.
What issues are you having with the ADMS-7 & 8?
Mike Earls
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Is there any hope that the YAESU C4FM radios such as FT2DR FTM400DR FTM100DR FTM3200DR will ever be included in the CHIRP compatible radios?
Right now we are stuck with paying RTSystems an outrageous price for a produce that is far inferior to CHIRP.

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