[chirp_users] What did I do wrong? Bricked TH-9800

Nick papanick at netzero.net
Thu Mar 29 06:18:56 PDT 2018

I have not performed the smoke test on mine yet.
I usually leave the cable in it.
I use it as a base so no reason to take the cable out.
I had the thought that there is a possibility when you tried to plug it in, it might have been reversed?
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Subject: [chirp_users] What did I do wrong? Bricked TH-9800
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So I let the smoke out of my TYT TH-9800 when connecting it to program 
using CHIRP. I had previously programmed it with CHIRP with no problems. 
However, this time I wasn't paying attention and left the radio on when 
I plugged in the USB cable. It instantly shut down and there was a wisp 
of smoke from the back of the radio.

What did I do wrong? Plug it in while powered on?

Tom Henderson

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