[chirp_users] Is repeaterbook import broken?

Nolan Darilek nolan at thewordnerd.info
Wed Mar 28 07:53:48 PDT 2018

Yes, that was part of it, thanks. I'm blind, am using the Orca screen
reader, and for some reason it didn't speak values when I first tabbed
over these spinboxes. When I returned to them, I found them set to 0 and 1.

The other part was that I didn't realize I needed to click Refresh after
changing the values. Pretty sure I tried changing them before, and when
they didn't take, I thought the import was at fault.

Anyhow, I successfully imported 2M and 70 CM repeaters for my area.
Thanks for the help. My only minor nit is that some of the repeaters are
greyed out due to being off-air, and these import as 0ed-out channels I
later have to delete. Is there any way to automatically compress inbound
channel allocation such that, if slots 5-6 are disabled repeaters for
instance, inbound slot 7 outputs to channel 5 without me later having to
delete 2 empty slots?

On 03/28/2018 05:04 AM, Jim Unroe wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 27, 2018 at 9:57 PM, Nolan Darilek <nolan at thewordnerd.info> wrote:
>> Hmm, I must be doing something wrong. If I use the Query function,
>> select Repeaterbook, Political, TX, Travis County, 2M band, then click
>> OK, I only get back a single repeater, 145.1100. There should be around 10.
> I get 16 repeaters for TX, Travis County, 2M. Do you happen to have
> your Memory Range set to 1 and 1 so that only memory 1 is permitted to
> be listed?
> Jim KC9HI
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