[chirp_users] TSQL / CTCSS

Dennis Wage dwage at dwage.com
Sun Mar 25 06:14:48 PDT 2018

I have no where else to ask this question.

Is TSQL the same as CTCSS?

The reason I am so intrigued is about this is

The other day my UV-5R was in scan mode and a repeater in Huntsville
continually stopped my scan with a carrier or tone, not sure which yet. But
I heard no audio. No matter where I set the squelch, even to 0 I got no
audio. However, if I hit the Moni button I could hear the guys talking.

What was happening here?

Thanks in advance.

In 3 weeks I'll be W9BOQ if the FCC grants my vanity call sign.

Whiskey Niner Bravo Oscar Quebec.
Dennis M. Wage

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