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Neil Katin chirp at askneil.com
Sat Mar 24 13:53:24 PDT 2018

Errno 2 is "file not found".  I suspect you do not have the correct name 
for the USB Serial Port for your programming cable, or your cable 
doesn't have a driver.

To diagnose the situation to the next step: look for files that start 
with /dev/tty.usb before and after you plug in your programming cable:

    <open a Terminal window>
    ls /dev/tty.usb*
    <plug in your programming cable>
    ls /dev/tty.usb*

You will typically have one device after the 2nd 'ls' command.  That is 
the name you need to give to chirp.
If you have no tty.usb files show up: you have a device driver issue.  
To diagnose further, you will need the device vendor and product 
numbers.  The 'ioreg' or 'system_profiler' command can show you this:

    <open a Terminal window>
    <unplug the programming cable>
    system_profiler SPUSBDataType
    <plug in the programming cable>
    system_profiler SPUSBDataType

    <ioreg alternative to system_profiler:>
    ioreg -p IOUSB -l -w 0||

Once again: you are running the command twice to look for what changed 
after you plugged in the cable.

The fields you want from system_profiler are the Vendor and Product IDs; 
that will say what driver is needed.

My Mac has built-in drivers for FTDI chips, not not the Prolific chips 
(Vendor 067b, product 2303).  Drivers are available from the prolific 
web site <http://www.prolific.com.tw/US/ShowProduct.aspx?p_id=229&pcid=41>.

I hope this helps you get to the next step.

Neil Katin

On 2018-03-21 19:51, T Wilson wrote:
> I’m at my wits end with my Mac computer. I’m not versed in the commands using the terminal and I’m not very proficient with a Mac computer either but I’m stuck with it. I have a Baofeng bf-888s and started trying to program it using a generic programming cable with no success. The computer would recognize that something was plugged in but that was it. I bought a legit FTDI cable and now the computer recognizes it with all the information included so I believe that the Mac sees it... but using chirp I get the “errno2” error message when I try to download from the radio! I’ve tried drivers, this, that, and I honestly want to throw this Mac in front of a fast moving truck on the freeway! My Mac is running “high Sierra” 10.13.1 Please help!!!!!
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