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The problem with programming the radios has nothing to do with the radios or the software.  It is because of WAR!!!  If you look at the start end of your radio programming CABLE, you will see a bulbous end which contains a small USB-TTL converter.  The Manufacturers of those “chips” also wrote software to handle the conversion process.   Along comes ANOTHER Chinese Manufacturer who reverse engineers the chips (without paying for R+D) and puts them out for even cheaper.  The original chip maker then puts out software that will identify the fake chips and fail to operate, thus creating the problems for hams.  Even the radio manufacturers have jumped on the cheap bandwagon and incorporated the fake chips in their own cables.  So, WAR has broken out, back and forth. (I converted most of mine to FTDI chips as they have the fewest driver issues.)

There is a trend in even more recent radio makers to provide a straight thru cable with NO USB-TTL chip in the cable.  All that is done in the radio and the makers have full control over that in their OWN software.  So far I have seen this in the Radioddity’s GD-77 and RD-5R.  Unfortunately, (HINT, HINT, HINT) CHIRP won’t work with these DMR radios (YET???!!!)

So, the moral of this story is WAR is BAD!  (Or CHIRP, please rid me of the quirks of Chinese software.)



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