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Dennis Wage dwage at dwage.com
Tue Mar 20 07:34:58 PDT 2018


If this is too off topic, scold me and I'll never do it again.

I have a UV-5R. I love this $25 radio for what it is, except.

I want to use headphones. However I cannot stand to have audio in just one
ear. Plus I drive noisy lawn gear and tractors. I use ear buds with gun
muffs over the ear. Microphone will come later when I get my technician
test passed.

The head phone output is 2.5mm TRS (this alone bugs the crap out of me.) In
addition, the tip only carries audio and the ring is TX data. When the
radio is scanning there is a low frequency thump in time with the scan that
comes out the data port ring.

If I plug a 2.5mm TS the data port ring will short to the sleeve. I'm not
sure this is good idea.

So, I think my only option is to buy a 2.5mm TRS and make a mono cord that
only uses the tip. I can then split it to a stereo TRS 3.5mm female to plug
my earbuds into.

Any other ideas would be appreciated.

Dennis M. Wage

245 Corum Hill Road
Castalian Springs, TN 37031
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