[chirp_users] More info to solve the Macbook 10.9.5/Yaesu ft2900 MARS expanded/valley enterprises cable "no joy"

Peter Ryan peter.ryan1000 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 7 18:59:29 PST 2018

D.J. Ring has been very helpful in his ongoing patient advice on this issue, and asked me to outline the drivers on my 10.9.5 Macbook. I have zero background in computers and such, and so much of the advice from others goes right over my head, and I am sure many others. Here is the list of drivers on my Mac with the Valley Ent. cable plugged in.
USB Hi-Speed Bus Apple USB-EHCI OxO aa9and an aa6, and an OxO5ac, and an OxO aa7
vender ID: FTDIlocation: OxO620000000 / 3
BRCM2046 HubOxOa5c (Broadcom)location: OxO610000000 / 2
then some other Apple related "keyboard" and "IR Receiver" related stuff.    NOTHING ELSE!Does that mean I have all that I need in order to program my Yaesu 2900R on CHIRP or not? 

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