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Exact same process including Libre. Except I'm PC Windows 10 but own and
run 2 Raspberry Pi's.


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On Sun, Mar 4, 2018 at 2:34 PM, Brandon Clark <kl7bsc at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks to the Chirp developers for supporting this project. There was a
> bit of a learning curve for me, but I finally got three of my radios
> programmed using Chirp. (I had been using RT Systems before but switched to
> Chirp when I switched my systems to Linux.) I recently moved to Alaska so
> I've had to not just rearrange channels, but do a complete reprogram of all
> repeaters, nodes, and simplex frequencies.
> To any other fellow Chirp-newbies out there this was the process I used:
>    1. Find cables that worked with my radios (the RT Systems ones
>    wouldn't),
>    2. Download what was already programmed in my radios,
>    3. Export to a CSV file so I would have the formatting right,
>    4. Work with the new channels I wanted in LibreOffice:
>       1. Change the layout of my spreadsheets from the way RTSys was
>       arranged to the way Chirp is laid out,
>    5. Paste values into the CSV exports,
>    6. Import into Chirp,
>    7. Upload into the radios,
> I still have an Icom Ht that I'm having communication issues with (no pun
> intended), but once I get that worked out I should be in business. Anyway,
> thanks to the developers for making an open source and cross platform
> programming option.
> 73,
> Brandon Clark, KL7BSC
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