[chirp_users] Thanks to the group

Brandon Clark
Sun Mar 4 12:34:45 PST 2018

Thanks to the Chirp developers for supporting this project. There was a 
bit of a learning curve for me, but I finally got three of my radios 
programmed using Chirp. (I had been using RT Systems before but switched 
to Chirp when I switched my systems to Linux.) I recently moved to 
Alaska so I've had to not just rearrange channels, but do a complete 
reprogram of all repeaters, nodes, and simplex frequencies.

To any other fellow Chirp-newbies out there this was the process I used:

 1. Find cables that worked with my radios (the RT Systems ones wouldn't),
 2. Download what was already programmed in my radios,
 3. Export to a CSV file so I would have the formatting right,
 4. Work with the new channels I wanted in LibreOffice:
     1. Change the layout of my spreadsheets from the way RTSys was
        arranged to the way Chirp is laid out,
 5. Paste values into the CSV exports,
 6. Import into Chirp,
 7. Upload into the radios,

I still have an Icom Ht that I'm having communication issues with (no 
pun intended), but once I get that worked out I should be in business. 
Anyway, thanks to the developers for making an open source and cross 
platform programming option.


Brandon Clark, KL7BSC

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