[chirp_users] Unable to create Chirp "account" (to get technical help)

Dave B
Wed Jun 13 14:20:39 PDT 2018


What's up with the "Register" page on the main Chirp site?  

I've just tried three times to register, and each time it bombs with
unknown user or password when I'm invited to login, after it tell's me I
successfuly created an account.  There is no mention of needing to wait
for any acceptance..

The password reset link (when invoked) comes to me, and shows my as
requested login "username" just fine.  The new password is accepted OK
with no errors, but the resulting new login fails.

The requirements for the "password" are listed as:-

/    Must be at least 4 characters long.   /(Is that all?)/

I tend to use much more than that (12 in this case) so is that the
problem?  Upper/Lower case letters and numbers.

I'm doing this using FireFox from the UK, it's not a GDPR blockage for
non US users it is?

What else might be wrong?   Comments?


Dave B.

PS:    Where are the rig "driver" files stored, on a Linux system?  I
can find the chirpw file OK, but have no idea where the rest are.   (I
want to look at the code for a problematic radio I have.)


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