[chirp_users] chirp accessibility?

Wed Jun 6 07:58:53 PDT 2018

Good morning Bartek.

I haven't seen anyone answer you yet.  So I'll jump in here with what I
know, perhaps it will be useful.

I haven't any experience with using screen readers, never gave it any
thought.  I only know of one blind ham, and I really have very little
contact with him.  We served together in the Army, but even then we were
only acquainted in passing, we did not work together.  So I have no idea
what he does for radio programming.

This is what I do know, and I just E-mailed the Tech support to verify it.
R T Systems software is NVDA compatible.  I have several of their various
radio programming cables and programs, and I think they are great.  Their
cables always work, no worries about the next windows update killing the
cable.  And their Tech Support is just 100%.  They will even remote into
your computer to check and repair if you experience problems.

Hope you find this helpful.

Vy73 -- Mike -- KD5KC.

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I have a question about the accessibility of the program for people
using a screen reader. (e.g., NVDA).  Does anyone have any experience 
in this matter? I have pre-tested but the program is completely 
inaccessible.  it's about windows10.

I am looking for a software for a blind person to be able to program
the radio myself.


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