[chirp_users] chirp accessibility?

Nolan Darilek
Mon Jun 4 11:53:24 PDT 2018

GTK is, unfortunately, not accessible under Windows because there is no
GTK bridge to Microsoft's accessibility APIs.

I can confirm, though, that CHIRP is quite accessible under Linux and
Orca. I'm blind myself, and just a couple months ago submitted a patch
to make Orca speak control labels in the settings screen. With CHIRP and
Orca, I seem to have full access to tweak the settings on my Baofeng
GT-3 without using its mostly inaccessible menu system.

If you'd rather not dedicate a full box to Linux just to run CHIRP
accessibly, it may be possible to get a GNOME/Mate environment running
on a single-board system like the RPi. I'm thinking of making such a
system for programming the radio when away from my laptop.

As an aside, I'm wondering if CHIRP might ever get some sort of
real-time control panel for live mode radios? This would make it plus an
SBC a compelling replacement for devices like the hampod
(http://hampod.com/.) I might take a crack at such a feature someday if
it isn't out of scope. I'm imagining a separate tab alongside channels
and settings for tweaking VFO, reading any exported radio stats, etc. I
think there's a name for this functionality, but I forget what it is. I
want to say CAT?

On 06/04/2018 01:28 PM, Bartek wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a question about the accessibility of the program for people
> using a screen reader. (e.g., NVDA).
> does anyone have any experience in this matter? I have pre-tested but
> the program is completely inaccessible.
> it's about windows10.
> I am looking for a software for a blind person to be able to program
> the radio myself.
> regards
> Bartek
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