[chirp_users] Error writing file on installation

Dan Langworthy dan at langworthy-home.com
Thu Jul 26 17:19:57 PDT 2018

Shouldn't the file name have the slash AFTER the string '(x86)' and before the string 'CHIRP' ? e.g.- c:\Program Files (x86)\Chirp\ ....


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I am trying to install the most recent CHIRP files and get an error. When I try to execute the installer file chirp-daily-20180707-installer.exe I get an error message  "Error Opening File for Writing  c:\ProgramFiles\(x86)CHIRP\_ctypes.pyd. Does anyone else get this message?  Or is it a problem with my computer?   I successfully installed and use  version 20180707.

Many thanks.
Bill Taffe KB1WJK
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