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randy true w4rttrandy at outlook.com
Sun Jul 22 19:22:40 PDT 2018

The OS is Win 7 with updates enabled, but I have been using Chirp for over a year with no hassles. What should the correct driver be?

Randy W4RTT

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Hi Randy,

You didn't say which OS your computer runs, so I''l assume it's Windows.  If you have it set to install updates automatically, or the OS is Windows 10, then Microsoft has probably replaced the driver with a different one that doesn't like the cable.  This typically occurs with cables that use the Prolific USB-serial chips.  Many cheap cable use clone chips that newer drivers detect and will ignore because they aren't Prolific chips.

Larry AC8YE

On Sun, Jul 22, 2018 at 6:27 PM, randy true <w4rttrandy at outlook.com<mailto:w4rttrandy at outlook.com>> wrote:

Chirp has suddenly stopped communicating with my 897.

I have checked all com port settings in the program/computer/and radio All are OK.

The 897 will still work with other programs on the same com port.

Rebooted, no jot.

Should I try and reset the radio?

Randy W4RTT

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