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Well, hell.  Sorry to sound cold, but just where in the contract does it say that a developer of a FREE product owes you anything.  Kinda like giving a dog a big juicy bone and having the dog snap at your hand because you cut most of the steak off the bone first.  It would be the last bone I gave that dog.


So you’re not happy with CHIRP.  Rather than take up the bandwidth whining about how CHIRP doesn’t meet your needs, pick one of a few choices and make it work for you.


#1 – like the man said, join the development team and use your extensive knowledge of blind programming to make CHIRP how you think it should be.  Perhaps the present developer has no experience programming for the blind. Your programming experience would be most helpful.


#2 – PAY the developer to write a version for you.  But as was indicated, none of the developers has experience in blind programming.  So see #1 again.


#3 – go use whatever program does what it is you expect of chirp.  I’ll bet that program ain’t free though.


I only use CHIRP for one radio, and for one special function of that one radio.  But I’m grateful for the use of a FREE program that does what I needed to get done.  Damn grateful indeed.


Vy73 – Mike – KD5KC

El Paso, Texas – DM61rt




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It's never going to be accessable unless a blind user joins the development team to advise the requirements of blind access.


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As far as I know, after ten years, Chirp is still not accessible by blind hams who must use screen-reading software.  If I am wrong about that, please let me know, otherwise, I'll withhold my praise until Chirp becomes accessible by blind hams.


73   Bob   AD8RJ



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