[chirp_users] IC-92AD funnies

Chuck Hast kp4djt at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 09:57:16 PDT 2018

Decided that I would go through my 92AD, remove a few frequencies I do not
use, add
some and add my hotspot so I can try DStar on a hot spot.

See a lot of strange things like reading 849 memories (should only go to
799) and
one or other bank screens blank.

Looked at the bug reports and see all off what I see (Thank you Winlock) so
just out
of a whim I look at the date of the code, says 20170714. I see that the
latest and
greatest 20180623. I have the snapshots ppa enabled but for some reason it
is not
pulling down the latest and greatest. Any ideas?

I am running Ubunut Mate 18.04

Chirp + Editcp + MD380Tools on Linux
Chuck -- KP4DJT
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