[chirp_users] How to empty or null tone channel in Chirp?

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 07:34:11 PDT 2018

On Wed, Jul 4, 2018 at 9:48 AM,  <survivor at cryptolab.net> wrote:
> When I use Chirp to set radio channels, there are many columns I cannot let
> empty, unless I cannot save it or uploat to radio. Most repeaters here have
> no subtone and I cannot let tone column empty, or null or zero. In chirp,
> there is a preseted tone list from 67.0 to 254.1. When I power on the
> transceiver in frequency mode and ajust to repeater channel, I can hear
> people talking normally. When I power on in channel mode and choose the
> respective channel with the same frequency, I cannot hear people talking.
> Pearhaps, tone values are wrong and in most cases they are unnecessary. How
> to I solve this?
> I have a Baofeng UV-82 WITH 8 Watts (HP).
> Firmware
> 3 KEY: N822413
> 6 KEY: 140902N

Setting Tone Mode to "(None)" is the same has having menu 10 (R-DCS),
11 (R-CTCS), 12 (T-DCS) and 13 (T-CTCS) set to OFF. If the Tone,
ToneSql, DTCS Code, DTCS Rx Code DTCS Pol and Cross Mode columns don't
show up as blank, then click "View" in the menu bar and enable "Hide
unused fields" (which is the default on new CHIRP installations). Even
when this setting is not enabled, the values in these columns are

The values in the columns mentioned above a only recognized when they
are enabled by the selected Tone Mode. And then only the columns
required by that mode are paid attention to. For example...

Tone Mode: Columns
Tone: Tone
TSQL: ToneSql

For more details review either of the "columns" guides linked here:


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