[chirp_users] How to empty or null tone channel in Chirp?

survivor at cryptolab.net survivor at cryptolab.net
Wed Jul 4 06:48:54 PDT 2018

When I use Chirp to set radio channels, there are many columns I cannot
let empty, unless I cannot save it or uploat to radio. Most repeaters
here have no subtone and I cannot let tone column empty, or null or
zero. In chirp, there is a preseted tone list from 67.0 to 254.1. When I
power on the transceiver in frequency mode and ajust to repeater
channel, I can hear people talking normally. When I power on in channel
mode and choose the respective channel with the same frequency, I cannot
hear people talking. Pearhaps, tone values are wrong and in most cases
they are unnecessary. How to I solve this? 
I have a Baofeng UV-82 WITH 8 Watts (HP). 
3 KEY: N822413
6 KEY: 140902N 


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