[chirp_users] CSV Partial Load

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 13:43:25 PDT 2018

> 31,WX9,161.775,,0,,88.5,88.5,23,NN,FM,5,,,,,,
> 32,WX10,163.275,,0,,88.5,88.5,23,NN,FM,5,,,,,,
> 33,70cm Cal,446,,0,,88.5,88.5,23,NN,FM,5,,,,,,
> 34,BAJA PIT,154.98,,0,,,,,,FM,,,,,,,
> 35,BECKER1,153.62,,0,,,,,,FM,,,,,,,
> 36,BECKER2,153.245,,0,,,,,,FM,,,,,,,

Program memory 31 using the CHIRP UI and then export it to a CSV file.
That is what the others need to look like.


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