[chirp_users] CSV Partial Load

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 19:18:52 PDT 2018

It is late so I don't have to load the file and veryfy... buy just off
the top of my heat the problem is the "/" in the alpha tags.

> 35,BECKER1/AGAVE,153.62,,0,,,,,,FM,,,,,,,

If you want to have a "/", then you must surround the text with ""
(quotes). Such as "BECKER1/AGAVE". Another thing that could/should be
a problem is the length of the channel names. The radio only supports
8 characters so none of the names should be longer then 8 characters.
So even if it works, the most you would see would be "BECKER1/".


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