[chirp_users] will not copy channel names to radio

Al Jones al at aljones.us
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At the risk of not knowing what I'm talking about ... this taken from radioreference.com 
To get turn on the alpha name instead of frequency, just step through the menu selections to "MDF-A" for the A band or "MDF-B" for the B band. Then push menu again to choose a setting. Use the arrow keys to select either "name", "freq", or "CH" (for channel number). When you have chosen what you want, push the menu key again, then the exit key.

Almost all the BF's I've seen use the same or very similar menu structure ... just finding it isn't always "intuitive".

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at the risk of asking a question that may have been posted earlier (several hours of searching failed to yield results): recently purchased a BF-F9 V2+. the most recent CHIRP daily allows me to program all fields successfully, but the channel name field will not copy to the radio.  turning everything off and copying FROM the radio into a new download file shows the channel names are in there somewhere, but they do  not show up on the radio display.  Any ideas?

christopher arthur
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