[chirp_users] leixon 898S v/u radio duel banks v108

Harrison Cooper Harrison.Cooper at wdc.com
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I built the programming for the VW898 using both CHIRP and the VV898S software from Leixon.  I've found that sometimes it takes both in order to have exactly what you want in it.  I've been able to upload it as a Jetstream identified radio as well.

I ended up not really using this radio (good thing they are cheap) for daily use.  The speaker is lousy, frequency response is on the low side, but it does scan.  So I put it in my truck to scan the local VHF/UHF public service channels, leaving my Uniden for trunk scanning.

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Subject: [chirp_users] leixon 898S v/u radio duel banks v108

just wondering if there was any more dev on the leixon 898S v/u radio duel banks

mine is 108.(via p3)

this below is only way i can use it with chirps superior editing.

Open oem sw with last saved file .LX19 and write to radio (VV898S_USER_V107)
Open chirp and load module for leixen_107.py from 4069
Read radio into chirp
Edit radio mems as required.
Upload to radio via chirp. Quit chirp
Read radio using oem sw and Save/backup to new file.(.lx19 extenstion)

This is only way it works...if I save the read image from chirp to img file, re-opening it is id'ed as Jetstream and then will not upload properly. Unable to change.

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