[chirp_users] Valley Enterprise USB and FT-60

Dave B g8kbv at uku.co.uk
Mon Jan 22 15:40:04 PST 2018


Sometimes the (long) list of radios falls off the bottom of the screen,
you may need to scroll or shift it up to see Yaesu, then select the
radio with the other drop-down tool.

Yaesu has been in there for a long time, the FT-60 is listed too, and
when I try it, it walks me through the procedure needed at the radio,
and then waits for a clone download (that never comes, as I don't have a
FT-60 connected!) so I cancel and exit.

This in "CHIRP daily-20180115"

Best get your instance of CHIRP from the website, not relying on OS
managed repositories, that are usually somewhat out of date.

As you are a Mac user, go to:-

And follow the instructions there under the MacOS users section.

Check also:-
https://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/wiki/MacOS_Tips    In
particular re application security for your version of OS, and the notes
based on whatever chip-set your USB<>serial cable is based on.

VE don’t actually tell what chip-set they use, that I could see on the
website.  Never mind, the OS will tell you, if you check the system
message log immediately after connecting the lead to the computer.

Under Linux, the easiest way is from a command line terminal, issue a
dmesg command, and what you want will be close to the end of the
(verbose) listing.  Google implies that Mac OS has the same command, so ???

Hope something helps.


Dave G0WBX
(A Linux, not a Mac user.)

On 22/01/18 20:00, T.E. Klamberg wrote:
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> Subject: [chirp_users] Valley Enterprise USB and FT-60
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> Hi All,
> I received my cable from Valley Ent. Oh Boy, here I go. Gonna make that radio tune like never before. I insert the cable into the radios, and put the radio in Clone mode as per instructions. Plug in the USB into my MacBook Pro, then I go to the <Download from Radio> on the Radio menu bar on the Chirp app.
> Surprise!!
> No Yaesu listed at all. List starts at Alinco and ends with three or four radios starting with W.
> No, I repeat, no Yaesu.
> Yaesu is listed as supported on the Chirp website, so I am full-gonzo confused.
> Can anyone enlighten me and provide some help, please?
> Tip, N9MVX
> ------------------------------

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