[chirp_users] Valley Enterprise USB and FT-60

T.E. Klamberg Klamberg n9mvx at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 21 13:37:54 PST 2018

Hi All,
I received my cable from Valley Ent. Oh Boy, here I go. Gonna make that radio tune like never before. I insert the cable into the radios, and put the radio in Clone mode as per instructions. Plug in the USB into my MacBook Pro, then I go to the <Download from Radio> on the Radio menu bar on the Chirp app.
No Yaesu listed at all. List starts at Alinco and ends with three or four radios starting with W.
No, I repeat, no Yaesu.
Yaesu is listed as supported on the Chirp website, so I am full-gonzo confused.
Can anyone enlighten me and provide some help, please?

Tip, N9MVX

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