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Walt Childson wchildson at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 14:50:36 PST 2018

Hey guys, you are all awesome. Keep up the good work. I'm on my boat in
Mexico, and have not been interested in chirp for 7 months. But even though
I only get some coverage when I'm in port, I still read most of the
I do agree that it might be frustrating with newbe's but answers or links
to the answer will help us all.

On Jan 9, 2018 3:32 PM, "Al Jones" <al at aljones.us> wrote:

I like the give and take from all the people here *except* that there are
times when it's not helpful at all.

We get a new member who doesn't know what he's doing, thinks he's read
everything and is still missing "something" --- and one of our beneficent
members replies "RTFM!"  or someone else chimes in with "get the right
cable!" or better yet "That won't work!"

Those one line zingers are not only NO help, they're probably going to turn
off some guy who might eventually be the one to help someone else, down the

I have a friend who had a Linux problem and the response he got here was -
"It works fine with *my* Ubuntu!"  Sometimes confirmation that something
works is a big help, it just means that we're not looking in the right
place.  When I phrased his question differently I got some great assistance
... there are some good guys here and to them I say "Thanks!"

<< tripping off my soapbox, sorry >>

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