[chirp_users] THIRD REQUEST: How to hit up hidden frequecy lists?

Tycen Stafford tycen at tycen.com
Wed Jan 3 12:43:06 PST 2018

Peter, it sounds like what your asking is where did Chirp save the list on
your computer hard drive? The answer is that it depends on where you told
Chirp to save it. I don't know the default location, but you can see where
Chirp is pointing currently by going to File in the menu bar and clicking
"Save As". In the windows that pops up, you'll see "Save in folder" near
the top and that will point to the folder on your hard drive where Chirp is
going to save the file by default. You can of course change where the file
is saved, but I'm guessing you didn't do that.

Then you can cancel out of that Save As dialog and go to File > Open. Then
navigate to the folder you noticed in the Save As window and I expect
you'll see your file there.  You might also see it under File > Recent.

If you don't see the file in that directory - then you might have
inadvertently saved it to some other location on your hard drive and you'll
just need to go hunting for it (it might be faster to use Finder for that
instead of Chirp). Maybe start in your Documents folder.  Once you find
where the file is, you should be able to Open it in Chirp and you'll have
what you need.

Unless I'm misunderstanding something, Chirp hasn't hidden the file from
you, but rather it was saved and closed and now you need to tell Chirp
where it is on your hard drive - this is how a lot of programs work - Chirp
is no different. There isn't just ONE Chirp file, but rather you can use
Chirp to open and manage numerous files (both .img files for specific
radios or .csv files for storing lists of frequencies not specific to a
radio). If you've ever used Microsoft Word or Excel, think of Chirp as
program like that and your image and csv files as various documents you

Hope that helps,
Tycen K7TYC

On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 12:24 PM, Peter Ryan via chirp_users <
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> Geez, guys. My question seems like an easy one to answer. Will no one
> respond to my issue?
> I saved a new programming list to CHIRP (Macbook/Valley Enterprise
> cable/Yaesu FT-60) but I can't find it. One other earlier list shows in the
> "menu bar", but how do I find the second list? I new-named it, and then
> re-"saved" the list every 10 frequencies. Where the devil does it live, and
> how do I get it front-and-center when I need to upload it to a new radio?
> Or if the software reads my "new list" as no more than added frequencies to
> the initial one, why are the new frequencies not showing in the original
> list? Thanks
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