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Thank you Dave,

I´ll try, but I think I´m going to retire my old radio. It is not working very well anymore.


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As the TH-G71 is already listed in Chirp.  (CHIRP daily-20180210 at least.)

You need to use USBview ( http://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Utilities/usbview.zip ) to determine the chipset the cable or radio uses, then go to the chipset companies website, or the radio maker's site, if the chip is built into the radio, and pull the driver setup files for your OS.

(It is a genuine Microsoft tool, just that FTDI host a copy, as it's difficult to find on MS's pages, or a genuine version elsewhere.  There is a Linux version too, but needs building from source, not difficult, but not exactly a beginner option.)

Kenwood (and others) have used SiLabs USB/Serial chips for many products, I don't know for that radio.

Check the Kenwood radio website.

If you bought or made up a cable, then it's the USB/Serial chip in that you need the OS drivers for.

Take care with anything that identifies itself as using a Prolific chip.  There are many fakes, that the current officially supported (by Prolific and MS) will not work with.   (There are even fake FTDI chips out there!)

As in all things these days, Google is your friend.

One thing I'm noticing these days across many ham forums, Windows 10 and anything MAC related, is a nightmare.   Stick with Windows 7 (or 8/8.1) while you can, or move to Linux (something like Ubuntu or Mint, easier for Windows users to learn, and start with a 32 bit release.)   Chirp runs on Linux just fine, and even all the fake USB/Serial chips seem to still work OK.   No endorsement, just saying.


Dave G0WBX.

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I need the drivers to connect CHIRP to a Kenwood radio, model TH-G71. Someone knows where I can download these drivers? (I?m using Windows 10).


Jos? Maria Barros

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