[chirp_users] Baofeng UV-5RTP BTECH UV-5X3 - both +- in display for offset

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 09:28:18 PST 2018

> Did not see 23 BCL in CHIRP channel or in settings (5X3). Seems to me that I'd want this to be global?
> 17 PTT-ID DTMF S-CODE - band-specific in CHIRP? the web page suggests channel-specific (sensible).
> 19 When to Send PTT-ID - I guess that I could see this as either band- or channel-specific. Looks global in CHIRP.

The spreadsheet style memory editor is designed to cover the
per-channel settings that are common between most radios. BCL, PTT-ID
and When to Send PTT-ID are not common to most radios. Settings of
this type are considered "extra" settings and, if supported by CHIRP,
are accessed from the "Memory Properties" editor. CHIRP does support
these setting in the radios you have. Here is how you access them.

1a click on a memory row to highlight it.
1b (optional) Ctrl-click and/or Shift-click to highlight additional
memory rows as needed.
2 click the [Properties] button at the top of the spreadsheet style
memory editor. An alternate method would be to right click the memory
row and choose "Properties" in the menu that appears.
3 click the "Other" tab of the Memory Properties editor.

Note: If you highlight multiple memory rows


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