[chirp_users] Repurposing RT-Systems Cables

Gary D. Schwartz gary-yg at pobox.com
Sun Feb 11 14:08:33 PST 2018

Using the RT Systems version 4 cable (red) for the Yaesu FT-60 with 
Chirp (Win 7) a couple of months ago, I had zero issues as well.

Agree about the quality of their cablesl


At 02:51 PM 2/11/2018, Nigel A. Gunn  G8IFF/W8IFF wrote:

>RT Systems cables work fine with Chirp. Chirp doesn't check.
>>On 11 February 2018 at 14:17 Brandon Clark <kl7bsc at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Good morning,
>>Question: Has anyone had luck with changing the VID and PID on RT 
>>Systems cables? I saw from the CHIRP documentation that it can be 
>>done with the FTDI utility, but I'm not sure which utility to use 
>>(the FTDI site has many available).
>>Also, is it worth the trouble to do so, or is it better to just get 
>>different cables?
>>Background: I have three of these RT Systems cables that I've been 
>>using for a few years now, but I've been switching my computers to 
>>run Linux and now want to use CHIRP as my programming software. The 
>>cables are very well-constructed, so I would like to keep them if 
>>possible. If anyone is familiar with the reprogramming process I 
>>would appreciate the help.
>>(Feel free to email em off-list, since I'm sure this has been asked before.)

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