[chirp_users] Repurposing RT-Systems Cables

Brandon Clark kl7bsc at gmail.com
Sun Feb 11 11:17:37 PST 2018

Good morning,

Question: Has anyone had luck with changing the VID and PID on RT Systems
cables? I saw from the CHIRP documentation that it can be done with the
FTDI utility, but I'm not sure which utility to use (the FTDI site has many
Also, is it worth the trouble to do so, or is it better to just get
different cables?

Background: I have three of these RT Systems cables that I've been using
for a few years now, but I've been switching my computers to run Linux and
now want to use CHIRP as my programming software. The cables are very
well-constructed, so I would like to keep them if possible. If anyone is
familiar with the reprogramming process I would appreciate the help.

(Feel free to email em off-list, since I'm sure this has been asked before.)
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