[chirp_users] Mobile/web GUI?

Dan Clemmensen danclemmensen at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 10:16:46 PST 2018

I wish to  run CHIRP on a Raspberry Pi Zero W in the field, where I may not
have a laptop. I wish to connect to the Pi from a smartphone via WiFi and
run CHIRP in a web page. Clearly, I could do this using VNC, but the CHIRP
UI appears to be oriented toward a real screen of at least 1024x768 or so.
SO: is there a UI that will fit better on a smartphone screen?

Another alternative might be to run CHIRP on Android and connect a
programming cable to the smartphone's USB port, but my Android skills are
weak. I will have the Pi in the field anyway, since it will be running

Incidentally, CHIRP is really impressive, and it appears to just work when
I run it on my Gentoo desktop.
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