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Thanks Jim,
Is there a keyboard command for selecting an entire column, like there is in 
Excel, or otherwise in the menus?
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> Hi,
> I tried importing a CSV file from my Baofeng into my new radio, the TYT, 
> and after importing it, I read that all the power levels are on low.
> I noticed that I could use the properties to change it, but that is a lot 
> of fields to do that to.
> When I open that CSV file in Excel, it shows that field as a 5 if I'm 
> reading the correct field.
> If that is not the field, then the field with the power is not showing up 
> in Excel.
> Also, while importing it, it encountered an error on line 160, but that is 
> just one of the CB frequencies I put in, but it is not the first field, it 
> is about half-way through the CB frequencies, I don't know what that is 
> about.
> Thanks for any thoughts.
> Glenn


Highlight all of the memory rows that need the power level modified.
Then click the [Properties] button at the top of the Spreadsheet Style
Memory Editor (or right-click on of the memory rows and choose
"Properties" in the menu that appears). Tick the box to the left of
Power to enable editing and change the setting to the desired power
level. Click [Ok] and the power level of all of the selected memory
rows will be changed at the same time.

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