[chirp_users] FT-60r

billpaul at ij.net billpaul at ij.net
Mon Dec 10 21:07:22 PST 2018

Problem solved.

After a bit for framing about I was able to uninstall Chirp.  I had to use
several different methods but I "got her done"

Then I reloaded and using the file tab I opened a "new" file.  Then the
radio would download to the program, I modified and uploaded.  Later that
same day I was able to upload to another FT-60.


While I certainly do appreciate all the interest and advice I am led to note
that those responding to a request should thoroughly read and understand the
original post.   For example, I specified all the test and trials I had done
only to have about half a dozen "helpful" replies ask or suggest that exact
procedure.   Once or twice it was an effort to stay polite.


Anyway, thanks and 73 to all who responded.





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